Alaska Part 8: Fahrenheit 32

Yea this post might be a year in the making, I’m sorry. Playing catch-up isn’t always easy.

Upon rolling into Anchorage, I made quick moves to establish a residence and housemates in Girdwood. It was the first of September and things were looking rather rainy, at least rainier than expected as I lived out of my van and visited the post office bulletin board every day to find open houses for rent. As rainy day by rainy day went by I learned that Girdwood was actually within the northernmost rainforest on Earth. Luckily it was only a week before I found a house.

October hit and so did the first real dip into winter. While dogsitting in Eagle River, I saw the digital mercury dip to the single digits and began to get excited for a real winter that I hadn’t experienced for the last few years, possibly ever. But the climate stayed within an annoying freeze/thaw cycle that brought rain just warm enough not to be snow, and cold air when there wasn’t any precipitation. The humidity hung on to 85 percent and higher, creating hoar frost I had never witnessed in the dry mountain air of the rockies.

I was blindsided with the loss of work that I had predicted would be with me for a long time. Nevertheless, my stresses were left inside my laptop on my daily afternoon hikes; afternoons that continued to get shorter and shorter, as daylight was slashed 5 1/2 minutes a day, more than a half hour each week. Darkness accompanied the cold and the winter became a very formidable test.

Running soon became nearly impossible as the bike path was covered in a measurable layer of ice. I was completely immersed in my coding studies and days consisted of a lot of retina burnout from screen staring. I stayed within Girdwood and motivation to explore and drive the icy highway wasn’t too great. Madame depression certainly let me know she was around.

By the time I came down south for the month during holidays, Alyeska was still not open for skiing and the persistent December rain/ice wasn’t exactly making me pine for a hasty return.

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1 Response to Alaska Part 8: Fahrenheit 32

  1. Karen MULCAHY says:

    Thank you for sharing your gritty,chilly stay in the northern frontier.I always look forward to hearing of your impressions of your journey through life. Happy to hear you are settling in Portland, for now.Lauren and Brooke loved it for all it has to offer.

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