Alaska Part 1: From the 405 to the 45’N

I have too many friends and they live in too many places. The initial week of the drive north has proven to be quite the whirlwind of catching people as I momentarily pass through their lives.

Friends in San Luis Obispo now have mini versions of themselves. Neighborhood get togethers in Elk Grove are just as I remembered them 5 years ago. Meandering around Portland with old Hermosa cronies reminisces of middle school days. Jumping in the Willamette river with a former Moose Lake coworker to beat the heat. Spending the best quality time with family in Bend. Finally catching old Montana friends and beers back in Missoula.

There was a day spent in Bend, OR flushing the transmission fluid in hopes of correcting a problem with the van shuddering when feathering the throttle. The mechanic didn’t find any problems with the transmission which is promising, but it didn’t entirely assuage my anxiety as the issue still seems to be occurring.

It’s been a little bit of an adjustment moving from one place to the next especially while holding down work, driving, and visiting people; but seeing my favorite people has been all worth it. It is looking to get much easier this next week as I appear in places where I know fewer people

. The wildfires have been particularly bad this year and the smoke might continue to frustrate my efforts to photograph and enjoy the scenery. Things will certainly be interesting heading into British Colombia.

If you haven’t found this already, I’m currently tracking the voyage at

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